Sunday, January 24, 2010


Em and I went out to eat at our first Chinese Restaurant in Japan last night, Karinba. It was pretty good. While waiting to be seated I noted the clock had an airplane on the second hand flying around the clock. Em asked if I had read what it said on it. After reading it I decided to regularly share some good Engrish encounters with you. How regularly? As reuglarly as I fell like. For those of you not familiar with the word engrish, it is english words arranged in a manner as to have the appearance of a profound statement but which has no real meaning, usually the result of a translation from Japanese to English, which just doesn't make it all the way to real English. "Engrish" has an "r" because that is how an L is pronounced in Japanese. So what did the clock say you ask?


So true don't you think!

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tongue tied too close to teeth said...

it was onry 27 minutes before ereven ocrock. you earry eater. you order moo goo gai pan ? arso dericious is gai pan.
bon appetit.