Friday, July 07, 2006

For the DUBS

Luckily we were granted Tuesday the 4th off from the exciting hospital orientation (which hospital at which I wont be working). So we took a fun stroll through Central Park. Boy was it HOT and HUMID! I then sent "She Who Must Be Obeyed" off alone to go to the Guggenheim Museum and wander Manhattan (I thought she'd enjoy some time in the city without 2 kids and a stroller).

Meanwhile, the boys and I found a new playground in the park with a cool fountain to play and cool of in. All the playground have a different water disbursement method for the enjoyment of the little apples (get it...The little apples in the Big Apple)(Yes I know explaining humor makes it not funny, but sometimes its OK. By the way you should buy my brother's tapes on being funny, or check your local public library.)

Later in the evening I met "Most Gracious Adorable One" for dinner and desert at Serendipity, where they have the most amazing deserts (the hot fudge sundae came close to rivaling Ghirardelli's). It was most satisfactory. (That's famous Frrrroozen Hot Chocolate, too.)

We then went and enjoyed the fireworks from the east river over the Roosevelt Bridge.

Everyday has left us exhausted and drained, but it has been very fun and exciting.


the dubs said...

nicely done! i need some of that hot fudge. oh, by the way my tapes aren't in libraries quite yet. there was some sort of mix up in circulation. they had it in the "adult" section. who knew?

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