Thursday, July 27, 2006

Zoology 204

Q:What is this a picture of?

A: A Horseshoe Crab-Limulus polyphemus

I took the boys out on a walk this evening and went around the corner to our very own public beach. I had previously found this area on my morning jogs around the neighborhood. (It is a very pretty in the morning with the sun rising and the Herons, both white and great blue, out on the bay/marsh area...very nice despite the early hour). It runs along in front of some houses for about 100 yards and I wasn't sure if we were allowed on it. Then some residents came by and I asked them and it turns out there are no private beaches in this state. So we now have a very isolated, unknown beach around the corner from our house (with horseshoe crabs)!


Foot Handle Pete said...

doing some jogging (or is it yogging with a soft J sound) now that you don't have to git back up the hill? very cool pics. sounds great to have a beach that close. is it the open ocean, or bay or what? still trying to get the hand piece off. FHP

Foot Handle Pete said...

in case you couldn't tell its mark. FHP is what G pa Warner used to call me.

mama bear said...

wow, your own beach and everything -- you're so cool! and crabs too!

Emily and Nathan said...

I am still waiting for your funny version of how you can explain leaving your car running for a few hours in your friend's driveway...with the window rolled down. nice one Doug. You're always good for a laugh. haha Aww, c'mon, don't cry. I'm just kidding. You know I love ya.