Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Pack of "Wolfes"

A while ago I found a random detective/mystery book (on tape) by Rex Stout. It features a genius detective, Nero Wolfe, and his faithful assistant, Archie Goodwin.

I really loved the book and discovered that there were a ton of others and most recently found some of the original Radio dramitizations from the '50s. They were fun to listen too and it turns out that mein Vater listened to them as a young lad! Anyways...In the stories they refer to Wolfe's Brownstone home in NYC and I wanted to find it while I was here. So when my eldest and I went to pick up our car from the NYPD impound lot (we were towed last weekend) we sought it out. It keeps dawning on me how many things take place in New York. It was really fun for me to see this place. (454 W 35th Street)

I don't know if you have ever seen the movie "Balto," but its one of my eldest's favorite ones to get at the Library. It starts out with a Grandmother showing her granddaughter a statue of a dog in Central Park...Then tells the story of Balto (He's the half dog/half wolf that saved the town of Nome, Alaska from Diptherea by fetching the antitoxin through blizzards and such.) So we also sought out this place. Max was in heaven climbing on the statue. There were a lot of other children whose trip to New York was complete as they finally tracked down Balto, one family said they had been searching for it for 2 hours.

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