Friday, October 13, 2006

Columbus Day Cranberry Festival

Monday's trip found us in Carver Massachusetts at the Edaville Cranberry Harvest Festival. We had just seen an Oceanspray commercial and wondered about what the guys were doing in the water and how the cranberries got there...Well we learned. It turns out they flood the cranberry bog and there is a machine that knocks the berries off and they float up and then are gathered together. Then a big pump sucks them up into the truck. After that I'm not sure about how we get the juice to Costco...that'll be our next trip!!

Bammer didn't want to go on the fast Elephant ride so he got to go on the Carousel with Momma.Sammy immediately look down to Mom and said: "Hep Momy, Hep!"
Special appearance from "Kuris Gorge," you should have seen the big smiles on the boys!


acte gratuit said...

I almost climbed the Ferris Wheel to retrieve my second son but we both somehow survived the ordeal none the worse for wear.

mr. underhill said...

We watched Curioso George this morning. We felt that if we are going to have a nina soon we should get a jump start on some Saturday morning cartoons. Sill George spilled grape juice on "The Man's" newly purchased carpet. The solution involved laundry detergent, a pump, a skateboard and a cow. Kind’ a sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Hopefully I will be able to introduce the nina to some cartoon classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Transformers.

mama bear said...

as always, a beautiful photo adventure of your day!