Monday, October 02, 2006

What's your favorite...

Here are the updated favorites:
What is your favorite fast food? In-n-Out (A triple-triple animal style!)
What is your favorite Disney Movie = Pirates of the Caribbean
What is your favorite Sea Ranch memory= rock hopping with winterfresh, SF- Tommy Toys
What is your favorite Sister-Listeneth.

What is your favorite place to lunch while in high school? Teryiaki Kitchen (Though Favela's was good as was Joe's)

WHO'S your favorite 2-doors-down neighbor that moved far away to Michigan and then even drove 15 hours to visit you in Rhode Island? -Browns

Why did I think your birthday was on the 5th? Your brain isn't working. (Wrong ? always had a hard time with this one Brown!)

Well in our family heritage we have a tradition for birthdays...Everyone present asks the birthday boy/girl what their So I've already been sung too and asked a few favorite questions a day early today so I thought I'd share them and add few extras.

What is your favorite Jungle Animal? Tiger and/or Liger
What is your favorite Primary song? Beautiful Savior (in German)
What is your favorite thing about Rhode Island? I don't know, we keep leaving the state to see other things. (Waterfire was wicked awesome)
What is your favorite shell fish? Dungeness Crab (No not the Quahog, at least not yet)
What is your favorite primary (baby) tooth? #C (Yes I know C is a letter not a number but tell that to the AAPD)
What is your favorite son? SamWell
What is your favorite name for your future daughter? Veronica M. Warner
What is your favorite dessert? Flourless Chocolate Torte (with Raspberry Sauce)
What is your favorite book? Duh, The Bartimaues Trilogy
What is your favorite way to announce that your wife is pregnant? "I got another one past the goalie!"
What is your favorite thing Emily begins to do when she is pregnant? Long belches

What is your favorite memory of your children? Today was fun playing out on the Trampoline in the rain...then coming in for Hot Chocolate! We also made yummy rice crispy treats and Sam helped me make pizza dough.


Foot Handle Pete said...

sure! I asked what is your favorite fast food. and you said in and out. HAPPY BDAY from FHP

mama bear said...

WHO'S your favorite 2-doors-down neighbor that moved far away to Michigan and then even drove 15 hours to visit you in Rhode Island? Why did I think your birthday was on the 5th? Well, happy birthday!

the dubs said...

favorite place to lunch while in high school?

Bartimaeus said...

Lunch in HS-Teryiaki Kitchen (Though Favela's was good as was Joe's)
Sorry FHP I couldn't recall your question last night.

G said...

What is your favorite Disney movie. (I've got Disney on the brain right now)

Sheba said...

Who's your favorite sister? No don't answer that. I've already been depressed and can't take anymore. What's your favorite Sea Ranch memory? What's your favorite restaurant in SF? Did you really say Sammy was your favorite Son??? Do we say those kind of things out loud let alone on the blog? What is your favorite TV show? Oh never mind we already know that! Happy Birthday little cutie! The Dubgreens or someother gay version of our name Love you lots!!

Sheba said...

PS if you name your sweet little girl after a tuesday night show you are not coming to my birthday party.

Bartimaeus said...

Sheba- it said SamWell, duh. Sea Ranch= rock hopping with winterfresh, SF- Tommy Toys

acte gratuit said...

I'm still waiting, with G, to hear your favorite Disney movie. Let's have it. Then you need to update your list with all these new questions and answers!!!
Love you, birthday Bug!

Sheba said...

OK - I finally got it. So clever. So a horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks why the long face? Sheesh only got that one a few days ago!! Dub women aren't all that quick. Except Fris.

G said...

Thanks for commenting about the Disney movie. You don't know how hard it was for me to keep it "clean". I could have asked something like... What is your favorite... (filter your thoughts Ginger, filter your thought), well you know what I'm getting at.

Bartimaeus said...

Favorite Disney Movie = Pirates of the Caribbean.
Yes Gin, I do know what you were probably thinking. Actually I believe you asked that one year and it hasn't changed yet, well maybe. ;-)

Foot Handle Pete said...

Thanks for including mh fast food question. I had terriaki kitchen the other day, new owners, same great stuff. never really got into favella's, but can alway do the bell. Only one more year and you'll be rolling down the other side of the hill with all the rest of us. FHP

Sheba said...

Do we say wicked awesome?

Sheba said...

It's kinda gay!

Sheba said...

Gay as in silly, funny, dorky, dippy - not as in gay gaffeny or gay sexual preferences.

Emily and Nathan said...

What's your favorite fingernail polish color?
(Hey, I know it's stupid but your so popular I'm running out of the thing to ask you!)

Bartimaeus said...

As in that is a gay question? Pink

Yes we do say wicked...but only here in Rhode Island. In fact our orthodontist says "he has a wicked overbite." It's fun. And any word ending in "a" is then pronounced with an "r". Like Lisa=Liser, pnemonia=pnemonier and my favorite is diarhea=dirarher. Yes I did here all those.

Jen and Steve said...

What was your favorite thing to throw off a three-story balcony?