Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome to New Hampshire (and Mass)

We had a great trip yesterday. We started off our trip with a few garage sells, where Max bought himself a Cinderella figurine (What else would a four year old boy want? Well the answer is an old Ritz cracker tin, which was thrown into the deal for a $1 total.). We then proceeded on our trip to see the fall colors. The trees were gorgeous as we traveled out of Rhode Island, through Mass and into New Hampshire. Brilliant reds, vibrant yellows, and cool oranges. After multiple pit stops at a road side farm's produce stand (where we found more pumpkins, fresh corn, and sweet crisp apples) and more garage sells, we arrived in the town of Jaffrey (probably population of 500-1000 including the 200+ scarecrows).

It was a cute little town and they were having a festival called "Scarecrows On The Common." The had bobbing for apples, face painting, pumpkin bowling, a ball toss, and the coup de gras Scarecrow making!!! Most of these were free except for the scarecrows, which was a scout fundraiser.

So Max and I, with a little help from Bammy, set to work on our Scarecrow. We had mom and The Fae draw faces on the provided sacks, chose hats from the hat pile and clothes from the clothes pile and built it on a wooden cross provided by the Boy Scouts. Max, naturally, chose a Santa hat thus setting a winter/Christmas theme from the start. Then after a few rejections by Max of some of the clothes I tried to chose we settled on green pants and a red shirt/blouse. (What else do you do with a Santa hat). Thus began the creating of Bert, the two-headed pregnant Christmas thief. It was a blast having Max help me tie/staple/pin and stuff a scarecrow, a first for both of us! They also both enjoyed jumping in the piles of hay distributed about the common.


Sheba said...

I'm thinking Bert is a dead ringer for Miss Emm when she's about her third trimester.

the dubs said...

Cinderella? I thnk there needs to be some changes at the house.

acte gratuit said...

Hey! We're trying to raise our sons in an androgynous household!!! Not really, but that's going to be my excuse.