Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools!!!

At my childhood home we had an enormous oak tree in the back yard. One year, when I was about 6 or 7 or 8ish, it became infested with caterpillars and their associated cocoons. By infested I mean millions on the tree and on the ground. So one day my friend Rachael and I decided to collect a pail full. What does one do with a pail full of caterpillars on april fool's day? Well we decided to place them in the bed of my sister who is visually impaired. We thought this was a great idea, however, luckily for Fris mom went into turn down her bed before she went in to nap. So mom ruined our joke but looking back on that now it may have been for the best. (
Caterpillers do make a mess when left by themselves under the covers).

Other good April 1 ideas:

If your wife can sleep all morning (which I assume most could) let her. Then turn all the clocks forward 4 hours and wake her up in sync with the second general conference session so she thinks she missed the first one. (This provided only a few minutes of disorientation since I didn't get to change one clock in the bedroom when she woke up.)

If your wife is OCD and needs her IKEA plates in rainbow order (which I assume not many do) as well as her clothes. Turn all her shirts inside out and mix up the color order. (I couldn't bring myself to do this one this year since she had just got her closet "in order," and didn't want to waste a week of her hard work. Maybe next year.)


shelly belly said...


Mrs. Dub said...

don't mess with a woman's color-coded system, ever.


the conference trick, however, is a great idea.

mama bear said...

caterpillars in your visually impaired sister's bed - how cruel! you've shattered my warped image of your goodness (not really, I knew you had it in you)

acte gratuit said...

It must have been divine intervention that your mom went in there. Kris may never have forgiven you had she found them first.

You're soooo bratty. It's just a good thing you left my closet alone. However, putting Sam's P.J.'s on inside-out last night was also cruel and unusual.
Did I already say bratty?