Monday, April 23, 2007

Patriot's Day in Kent County

Thursday I took the boys on a Library trip to the East Greenwich Free Library. As we got out of the car and headed toward the library our ears were met by the colonial sound of the fife and drum! It was patriot's day and the Kentish Guard was performing their annual reenactment of the March on Lexington. (I love living out here!) We had just missed the beginning of their march so we hung out in front of the library while they circled around a few blocks and ended next door to the Library at the Kentish Guard (1774).

The boys were loving it. Max got to see some real SWORDS and guns. He kept running ahead to keep up with their march. Both were standing and marching along the library's wall trying to keep time with the drumming and Sam kept asking "Dose Piyets" (Are those Pirates?)


mr. underhill said...

"our ears were met by the colonial sound of the pife and drum!" I don't know why but that sentence made me laugh. New England sounds like the place to be. "And I tip my hat imaginge that."

shelly belly said...

"The Sco" rocks harder than all of the East Coast put together!

p.s. there was a linger longer today. i missed you guys. :( and when's the due date?

acte gratuit said...

You are getting quite literary in your language Dr.Doug.

Keep up the fabulous posting!

m. bee. said...

that is one nice picture of the"Piyets". did you take that on your amazing camera?