Sunday, October 21, 2007

Local Wildlidfe

This is the marsh/creek near our house. We drive by it everyday and all of us look for herons. We have ducks, Canadian geese, egrets, little other birds, white swans, and our favorite Great Blue Herons.


Shelly said...


Guess who watched Transformers and can't get over how amazingly AWESOME of a movie it is!!

and cool pictures. :)

mama bear said...

Wow, you have an outhouse? You really should get that bathroom finished soon or it will start to get pretty stinky! j/k glad you are enjoying all that wildlife. I hate when people point out my typos so I had to share the wealth.

Sheba said...

You need a sound button we can click on to hear their unique "calls". Not the Calls as in Faye but noises.

Jenni said...

so is it the camera or the person taking the pictures that does a good job?