Thursday, July 03, 2008


Emily here...
I just talked to Doug. He wasn't able to call me until 10:45 p.m. and then was only able to talk to me for a few minutes before he had to get back to work.

He asked me to drop a line or two on his blog for him since he doesn't have any time to spare. Here is what he's told me so far. (Forgive me if this isn't totally accurate...I have a faulty short-term memory!)

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST: There really is a lot of yelling. Everything that is said to them is yelled. (And I thought they'd be nicer to the officers!)
  • Even when you're "at ease" you're not at ease. You do everything "at attention" including side-stepping through the lunch line.
  • The first morning they were given a box breakfast that included the following items: Cocoa Krispies, Fruit Juice, an Apple, and a breakfast bar. Can you say SUGAR COMA??? Not what I would call the breakfast of champions.
  • The proper way to speak is as follows:
    "Sir, may I ask a question?" or "Ma'am, may I use the restroom?" Only "yes" and "no" are followed by sir and ma'am.
  • Since he is doing COT after finishing Dental School and his residency, he out-ranks many of those around him. Evidently, most people do COT before entering school to study their chosen profession.
  • There are about 10 guys and 5 girls in his group.
  • He is staying in something similar to a a dorm room. There are two guys to each room. His roommate is a nurse practitioner.
  • They were all given lap-tops to use, but he hasn't had time to use his yet.
  • He doesn't have any time to keep a journal. (One reason I'm doing this post.)
  • He's extremely tired, has a lot of work to finish tonight, and has a physical fitness test in the morning. He has to be lined-up, in formation at 4:25a.m. He then gets to run a mile and a half timed.
  • He doesn't think he'll be able to see me and the kids on the weekends like we originally planned.
  • Because of his rank, he was made Flight Officer in Charge. Sorta like a district leader only with more stress and responsibility.
  • He says when he's finished with COT, he'll be glad he did it. But he does NOT feel the slightest bit glad at the moment

That's all I've got. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

This is where you say "YES MA'AM"

And I say "DISMISSED!"


The Jonas Family said...

Keep up the good work, Doug and Emily!

Mrs. Dub said...

SIR, keep up the good work, sir!