Monday, June 30, 2008


Friday, June 27, was our St Joe's graduation. We got out of clinic at 2pm so we could go home and prepare for the graduation reception. Wrong, I rushed to our house to help Em and the Movers get our house cleared out so the buyers could do their walk through.

We were under the impression that they would have the house packed and emptied and all they would do on Friday would be to bring in a truck to haul it off. Thursday we find out that they won't be done packing until Friday. MAJOR PANIC! (Who sends two guys to pack a house and lets one of them go home at 1pm for a doctor's visit! leaving one lone man to pack everything.)Thursday night I was to sign the closing docs and then they would do the walk through in the am and then sign Friday afternoon. We had to get it all shuffled around at the last minute, with a doc saying that they would sign before the walk through leaving the docs in escrow pending their walk-through approval.

So I rushed back and they were not near completion, Dad was stuck in Newport with a dead battery in the van. (I had been pulled over, on TH evening, and humiliated by a police officer for how bad my car was and how erratic and disorganized I seemed for a dentist/military man. He only let me off, begrudgingly, because I was military.) Dad's dead battery in our van turned out to be the car alarm being tripped. Anyway, the buyers did the walk through with the movers still working and we left after that to barely make the graduation leaving the movers to still finish. Well, the graduation was wonderful. The boys were at the Millers, where we were staying after moving out of our home. Dad was there, which was very nice and perfect. It was an overwhelming experience to see so many people there for us 4 residents. The setting was perfect, the top/11th floor with all glass on two of the walls overlooking downtown Providence. The program was extremely nice. Each of us got up at the end to thank everyone. My theme was mostlywas to thank everyone for putting up with my sometimes hard to get sense of humor. Also, about how much I loved my coresidents. It has been a perfect fit for us four, and also eight (including the first years).

I failed to mention, but felt deeply grateful for Emily. She has been such a strength to me and I undervalue her support. I know I couldn't accomplish these things without her. I am so indebted to her. It was so happy and emotional. My checks were hurting so bad by the middle of the affair from smiling and laughing so much. I don't think I've given so many hugs or received so many. The St Joe's/Lutheran group has been a wonderful and dysfunctional family. So many people have made an impact on my life.

It seems so weird to be done. I feel like I will be going back on Monday, but instead will be in Alabama for COT (officer training). Yesterday, I kept getting a little smile thinking, "I'm a Pediatric Dentist!"


Melissa Abby said...

Congrats Doug!! Chad really loved working with you this year and learned so much from you. We are going to miss you guys. Hope officer training goes well! Can't wait to hear about all your Japan adventures.

FOX said...

You're awesome Doug!!!

The Jonas Family said...

Congratulations! Wish you were around to work on my kids teeth! Good luck in Japan!

acte gratuit said...

Graduation really was cool. His boss gave an EXCELLENT speech. I was bawling my eyes out most of the evening, and I'm not even a cryer!

Sara Jensen said...


Foot Handle Pete said...

I'm very proud of my little brother. WOW a pediatric dentist, who would have thunk it. La La's.