Saturday, June 14, 2008

Name This Picture

I was looking through our old pictures and saw this one and thought, "Hey, we could have fun with her!" I saw her at Disney World last year and inconspicuously snapped a shot of it.
So what do you say, let name the photo, or her, or the thing on her head. Take your pick.

Here's a close up if it helps.


Linz said...

Are you sure that's a "her"?

Linz said...

Oh, my name:
The 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus convention has arrived!

Shelly said...

"I got it! I remember how to get hyphy!"

Retep Graybeard said...

"I thought this was the Canadian Hockey Convention!"

sugar&spicecookies said...

Which way to the the Lesbian Convention?