Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Dental Moment

The other day I had a couple patients not show up, nothing new here that happens all the time (so make sure you at least call us if you can't make it!). So the secretary asked me if I could take on of the emergencies that was waiting. She said he was in pain and looking miserable. I of course said yes. I went out to get him in the waiting room, 8 year old boy, and he came over in horrible pain, crying, but not scared. The poor kid had an abscess (which is what happens when you have 15 cavities diagnosed a year ago and you don't bring your kid back!!!) and was in wicked bad pain. He could barely stop crying to talk. Anyway, instead of just sending him home with an antibiotic to calm the infection down, which is an acceptable treatment and what I almost did, I asked him if he wanted to take the tooth out right now even if it hurt some (Infected teeth don't get numb as well due to the infection). He wanted to do it now and be brave, which he was until he freaked out when I tried put the "sleepy juice" by his tooth (numb his tooth). I eventually talked him through that and got the two offending teeth out without it even hurting him at all.

The purpose of this tale is how nice it was to help this boy so much. The difference between when he came in and left was so great. Also, make sure your kids are getting regular care. It's a lot easier and cheaper to prevent the cavities then to fix them. Then again I benefit more if you wait! =)


FOX said...


Honestly Doug, you presence in the family has really influenced me to take better care of my kids teeth (and my own).

You are appreciated!

Mrs. Dub said...

This is a good cautionary tale ... to bad I suck at caring for teeth (my own and my family's). One day you will tell a tragic story about me.