Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day...Week

Upon returning from D.C. I luckily had four days to recover. We had planned to stay the week in D.C. but Em didn't come with the kids because our lodging had a baby, so we couldn't stay there. The good part was we had four days of leisure for vacation instead of a hectic four days of vacation. (D.C. is not conducive to small children anyhow.)

So here is the non-travelogue:

Monday-Recovered from D.C nightlife, inflated the bounce house, went on a mini bike ride around our neighborhood and did BBQ burgers and dogs. Max barfed in the am so we didn't do any major events.

Tuesday- We rode our bikes on the East Bay Bike Trail. No not Provo, no not San Francisco. This was the Narragansett Bay. It goes for about 14 miles from East Providence to Bristol RI. Knowing we are not quite Hard Core, we drove to Bristol and rode for 4 miles and returned to Bristol (a quant seaside town in southeast RI). It was a lot of fun and the boys did great biking! Em even did great with a wobbley Sam behind her on the "hitchhiker" bike.The evening ended with watching National Treasure II. Max woke up during it and stayed up to watch it with us, being a very big boy.

Wednesday- After Max came home from school, we went to Boston. Em was dropped off at the Museum of Fine arts by herself while I was left to navigate the streets of Boston to take the rest of us to the Boston Children's museum. Luckily I found it without traumatizing the boys by being TOO lost. (I also circumnaigated to find Em's favorite Thai chicken satay skewers and made up a pirate treasure hunt with mom as the treasure as we made our way back to Em's museum.

Thursday-We were going to bike on Block Island, but Max had sports day at school so we let him do that and then went to the local beach, where I had a dream come true. I feel asleep at the shores edge reading! Then upon Max's suggestion went to Chuck E Cheese's and then on to soccer practice.

Friday-Back to work. I like the 1 day work week. I could get used to it! Our friends, the Montoya's, came over for dinner before they move to AZ and are now spending the night. Their house is empty so they didn't feel like going home. Plus, we are well known for our breakfast delights.

Block Island has been postponed until next Friday. So stay tuned.

Also, I was just booked to do a Photo shoot this weekend for the Montoya's.

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