Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Can't Fly With The Eagles If You Hoot With The Owls

This is a saying my father Jim was wont to say. I believe it means that you shouldn't stay up late. Well I proved that saying false this weekend. I attended the annual American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry meeting. One would say that the purpose of set conference is to continue one's dental education as we are required to do by law, however you would be mistaken for assuming this. The real meaning/purpose is to party with a tax write off.

Although, that isn't really 100% true, it does feel more like a social event. There are a few good lectures to go to, but there are a lot of parties and then bars after the parties and after bar parties. I don't usually get a chance to hang out with my friends/coresidents a lot, so I took the chance to hang out with them a bit. I discovered that bars are too crowded and too loud. It was a lot of fun hangin' with my friends.

So Friday I flew down early in the morning to stand by my research poster, which was fun to explain my research project and then conclude "however, it isn't reliable enough to be used clinically." Then walked around the vendor floor looking for free tooth past, which I did find! Crest Pro Health, my favorite!!!! then I went off with my friend to see the Lincoln memorial Vietnam War Memorial and the Washington Monument. The Lincoln was amazing, with a special hollowed sense about it. The war memorial was special. Families had left letters to some of the soldiers, one of which was MIA. A brother was writing to let him know what was going on with their family. Very neat to be a part of.We then walked about six miles total that day to meet up at a bar with some other friends, then went to dinner by Chinatown and then to Rocket Bar, sounds cool huh. We got home about 3am and I woke up at about 6:30 and went back to the conference. I attended a lecture by one of the "Love and Logic" authors Foster Cline. He was a very entertaining and offered a lot of good stuff for both parenting as well as for behavior management for the dental office and how to handle the patients' parents.

After the conference was over I went to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. That was really cool. This was followed by some handmade noodles from China town and a Washington Nationals baseball game. Yes this was enough for me for the day, but it continued. We went down to the Georgetown waterfront where I splurged and got two ice waters at the bar. Then when that got a little too cold another bar was sought out since the "night is still young." Fortunately after some pizza it was decided to head back to my friend Jason's house so they could still hang out with the Mormon's. Thank goodness. So we got back and played Wii Mario Cart until about, oh, 4. And I was the first to turn into bed. Sunday I got to see my new nephew before heading tot he airport.

Well, I have now recovered and don't think I'll be staying up that late ever again. I did manage to hoot and fly, but I'm not sure I can do any long term flying with the eagles! My friends are also some of the greatest nicest, and kindest people with whom I've associated.


number said...
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andrewgorgueiro said...

Is Em taking the pic.??

Mrs. Dub said...

I don't know what the H number is talking about ... perhaps he has been hooting with the owls a little much lately, if you know what I mean.

I've become a definite eagle in my married years, but there was a time when I could hoot with the best of them.

Bartimaeus said...

No, em was grounded and didn't get to come.

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