Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me and My Llama

I was holding Boy #3 this morning and for some reason my favorite Sesame Street song came into my mind "Me and My Llama." Does anyone else remember this one!?

I just hope that the little girl goes to a different dentist then the llama.

The next one made me realize that I must really sound like an Idiot all day long!!!! * Someone tell the dentist to put on his gloves and sterilize his instruments!


acte gratuit said...

I love 'em Babe! Great post!

FOX said...

Isn't it funny how the brain works!!! My first response after hearing the Llama song title, was "what the crude are you talking about?"


as soon as I heard the music, I was able to sing along!! Wow, I did have that song in my head all hidden!!


Amy Collins said...

Hey Doug...this is Amy Collins...not sure if you remember me from way back in our Fairfield days. I found your blog on Sybrina's blog. It's nice to see your family. How if your has been along time since I have seen either one of you. I wish you could take care of my kids teeth, because you sound like you really care about what you do. We have had some interesting times at the dentist, but I don't go into all that stuff. Question I also had for you, but type of camera do you use, it does a nice job. I'm currently on the market looking for new one. Goodluck with everything in the future...Japan and all. Actually my twin Sister Angela, may end up in Japan in the Fall. Her husband is in the Navy. Ok I think I just broke the record for the world's longest post.