Sunday, June 08, 2008


No wonder this little guys always seems to smell like mildew! Each shirt we put on him ends up wet in 2.5 minutes. I'm just amazed at the multiple points of slobber drop formation. Some may credit this to teething, but he's always like this and still only has 4 teeth, when he should have 12.


FOX said...

Very cute! I have seen a picture of Emily where she looks like that!

(maybe I should point out that she is one in the picture!)

I will look for it, as I am the keeper of the Fae Call Family photos!

Your number of (12) blew me away! Our freak of nature Evie, didn't cut her first tooth until she was two. No exaggeration!

We would pick her up from nursery during snack time!

Linz said...

Yea, Andrew is a slobber monster too. But he now has 12 teeth... =D

The Jonas Family said...

Wow! What a drooler! I have never seen so much saliva, have you? do your patients drool?