Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How Did I Vote

Well, actually I unfortunately did not get to vote. Its harder than I thought to get an absentee ballot and to figure out where one's home state is. That aside, how would I have voted. By "how" I mean how would I have decided who was best to lead our country. I have been keeping current on my politics by watching SNL's presidential bash 2008. It's on right now on AFN, which is the military TV network. I haven't been too impressed with the Barack Obama, although I did enjoy the "Solid as Barack" song he sang during his infomercial. I mostly have been impressed with Sarah Palin, especially as she is trying to use a "Life Line" with her interview with Kattie Couric right now. LOL. I didn't really like the Biden impersonation either. So my vote for President goes to Tina Fay! She is so good/funny. I really like Hillary too. Don't tell anyone but I actually turned it from the real candidates on FOX news to the SNL candidates. Good switch if you ask me. I think I get the same info if not more accurate then what the real people are saying since you can't believe what any of them are saying!

Side note, on the way to the commissary today, Max asked me "who do you like dad Barack Obama or John McCain?" He said their names perfectly and we've never mentioned them to him. (I know Emily too said we should have been talking politics a bit more with him, but I think there are more important things to talk to him about like how to eat with a spoon!) Anyway he choose Obama at school. So I guess his school held elections today, I wonder if they will count for the real election!

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Mrs. Dub said...

Tina Fey could seriously win. She should consider it.

p.s. I guarantee people less intelligent than Max are voting today, so his vote should count.