Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy HaRRoween!!!

I've never seen so many Trick or Treater's! They came in a giant swarm consuming all the candy in their path! Max kept having to call for more candy. One feels compelled to continue putting more and more candy out for them. (Tip: Don't give away your six-year-old's candy from his previous Halloween Party while he is trick or treating! He wont be happy about it. Just ask Em.) In her weak defense they are cute little buggers and you can't help but want to give them candy when they say in very well practiced English "Trick or Treat. Tank you very much."

October 2008 (Click picture to enlarge for better detail)
When we lived in RI we were homesick for the coolest Halloween neighborhood, Belvedere St, in SF. They had every house totally decked out with awesome decorations. It was like a festival. October 2004
Now I'm homesick for RI and the perfect trick or treating neighborhood where our friends the Reddings live. They throw the best Halloween/Soup party this side, (or that side) of some body of water...!October 2007
Well, when we move to Carlsbad by the Sea, I guess we'll miss the million Japanese trick or treater hoards in Misawa!

The night began with a fun soup party of our own with some friends who will remain nameless. Then joined the throngs of kids around the neighborhood. Upon our return we partook of the most delicious homemade doughnuts!  (An Alton Brown recipe) Double Yum!! Then a bunch of other friends came over and partied further into the night. It was Great!

I hope you have as much fun on your Halloween as we just did, since its just beginning for those of you in the States!


FOX said...

I am totally jealous that everyday that seems completely normal and routine (even holidays) over here, for me, is some exciting new adventure for you guys!!!!

Cute kids!!! Praise Em on her costumes!

OH! and loved the Salmon video!!!!! You da' man!

mr. underhill said...

Did you make the doughnuts? And were they hard? And did you do weird, quasi-hummorous skits while baking them?

Bartimaeus said...