Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Unnamed Ramen House

We went to an wicked good place to eat for lunch last week. I finished work early and we went with the two younger kids. The name was only in Kanji so we don't know what it was called, but at least it had an English menu. It was filled with customers both American and Japanese, so it must be good right? Right! It was very very good.

It had a traditional sit on the ground eating area and a bar area to eat at. the kitchen was open and part of the room. They had fast and kind service too.The ramen noodles were awesome and plentiful... and the gyoza, Japanese dumplings, were divine (these were for you Brandon). Gabe dove right in and even punk Sam loved the noodles. (It again took 10 minutes of persuading to get him into the restaurant with promises of not having to eat anything and that we could go to the Bx for pizza after.) It is now my favorite Japanese Restaurant! (Max's is still 100 Yen Sushi, which he asks for all the time.)
I like this comparison of these two kiddos.
*excerpt from their menu! =)


Melissa Abby said...

Did the menu really say that? That is awesome! Love all the updates...miss you guys!

mr. underhill said...

Frank you very much for the post. Good to see Sam is carrying on the Warner child characteristic of picky eating.