Thursday, September 04, 2008

100 Yen Sushi!!!!

Yum and Fun!!After a rainy Labor Day pancake breakfast at the base beach this morning we shopped around some Japanese stores and then ended up at the coolest restaurant...yes the 100 Yen Sushi Restaurant!

It was wicked cool. The sushi comes out on little boats next to your booth, but the coolest part was if you had a special order you type it in on the screen and then they send it out on the bullet train (top rail).The boys had a great time. They kept getting excited about the cantaloupe slices and desserts! I even coerced Max into eating a piece of Sashimi (raw seafood sliced thin and placed upon sushi rice), which ended up having some wasabi mixed in with the rice. (He had one without the eyeballs!) He also enjoyed the tempura roll and upon being told he just ate seaweed exclaimed, "I ate seaweed! and I liked it!!?"

They charge you by the plate. 100 yen is akin to $1. But the plates kept piling up! At the end they come total it up and then you pay as you leave. Some of the plates cost more and are color coded accordingly.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and look forward to more 100 Yen Sushi experiences. *

We ended the day with a nice hamburger and hot dog BBQ on our new 1/2 off grill from the BX!
Max kept saying we had a great breakfast and then lunch and now we are having a great dinner!"
(Em is sharing Max's yummy creamy shaved ice with chopsticks)

*The best part may have been the sink in the bathroom though:


Melissa Abby said...

That is the coolest sink I have ever seen! And I am so jealous of all the sushi you get to eat!

The Jonas Family said...

Cool sushi store! I would love to eat there. Plus the bathrooms are way cool too!

Emily said...

your wife is the cutest little nerd I've ever met! I love the grin in the mirror before she turns it off! cool digs.

Foot Handle Pete said...

It looks like y'all are have a great time and getting into life in Japan like you do where ever you are. I think that the noodles that you made are a little more appitizing to me than the sushi ( i like sushi just a little limited in what I will try.) FHP