Monday, September 01, 2008

The Statue of Liberty

This weekend I made the coolest discovery: The State of Liberty is in Northern Japan!!! Yes it is least the largest Statue of Liberty in Japan is in Shimoda, which is in Northern Japan. See it's true! The statue including the base is a true replica of the New York version. My friend and I took our kids + 1 neighbor kid (who is just like Max at age 3: fast, wild, and curious) to the Statue of Liberty Park. The turned out to be a lot bigger than expected with some pretty ponds and gardens with a few play grounds scattered here and there. After having watched Dora and Diego rescue Baby Jaguar via a zip line the day before and having asked if he could go on one someday, Max was excited to see one at the park. As you can see it has been raining here consistently for the past 2.5 weeks. It was a fun park with another roller slide (see Em's blog) and the Statue was kinda cool to see in that setting.


The Jonas Family said...

Fun to see and hear about your adventures in Japan. I didn't know they had a statue of liberty there. why? for American tourists?

Chad and Melissa Abby said...

We really miss the other Max and Sammy and Gabe!! Oh and you and Emily too!!