Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thank you to all of you who have been so concerned about us after the recent 6.9 Earthquake, i.e. Dave. No we were not hurt. No the 21 cm predicted tsunami did not wash our small children away. No nothing was damaged. No I didn't know there was an earthquake in Northern Japan either until the JAG preparing our will told us. So since Dave was the only one concern for their brother, son, in-law, friend, stranger, he will inherit all that we have! including our children!! (I hope he doesn't have to inherit the debt. But then again who cares I'll be dead.) =)))

Apparently though, Japan gets lots of quakes. We slept through on on like the third day here. We missed a big one in July that rattled the base a bit too.

*If you can't translate the sarcasm, we were not affected nor do I believe anyone but the underwater critters were affected, though that may affect our sushi!** Rice field on the way to Hachinohe.

***By the way the AF does free wills, power of attorneys, taxes and probably other things they haven't informed us about.


Mrs. Dub said...

Hey - I cared, too! Unlike Dave, I like sushi, so I wanted to make sure the underwater critters were OK. I wasn't as worried about you two, because I'm excited to be your boys' new mom.

Renel said...

read you email!

Bartimaeus said...

Too Little Too Late Suze!

Sheba said...

Hey, I didn't even know there was a quake until Momma told me you were ok. I guess I better go back to reading the headlines. Go clean up your kitchen Emily is tired of picking up after you.