Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rokkasho Salmon Festival

So, under pressure from Acte Gratuit I put together a little video together to explain the Salmon festival. There was just too much to explain where words could not do justice. But a few explanations are in order:

  • The town is called Rokkasho and was about 45 minutes away if you don't get lost.
  • The men running away with their fish before I even got my feet wet were rushing to the salmon race, where the first 5 caught salmon race down a race track and the winner gets to get another fish.
  • I'm the one in the black shirt spinning around not catching a fish
  • They are slippery and fast.
  • No one bothered to tell me you need gloves to actually hold on to them.
  • Thanks for the "encouragement" Em, but it wasn't helpful!
  • I didn't try to throw the fish at the little girl!

On Monday we had some of my collegues/friends from work come over to partake of the catch. We ran into them at the festival and they didn't do the actual catching part so we wanted them to come over. Plus, it was too much fish for us two to eat. It was very very good. It wasn't smelly during the filleting (go to for help on filleting!) I did a fine job filleting and readying the fish for grilling. It tastes twice as good as store bought Salmon. It was tricky to cook since the color is different on these fresh from the ocean salmon.
We loved it and I'm ready for round two at the Shimoda Salmon Festival in November!
I even made some sashimi that was horrible (nor that good) from the eggs!


crimendelsiglo said...

oh boy. i don't think this was the rokkasho salmon festival. i've seen other salmon and this one strangely looks like a carp. i think the japanese love carp. somebody loves carp. i think you went ot the october rokkasho carp festival. with a sharp knive you could filet a carp i suppose.

Melissa Abby said...

That looks like so much fun! We seriously miss you guys too...things just aren't the same. Before you know it we'll all be in San Diego, right?!

acte gratuit said...

Nope, it was Salmon alright! BEST.SALMON.EVER!!!

It was so yummy! Doug did a great job cooking it!!!

mr. underhill said...

That raded. Nice work bro. And making sashimi? Now that's crazy.