Monday, October 27, 2008

Tooth Fairy!!

My son finally lost his first tooth!!!!* For those of you wondering who the previously named scab picker is, it is Em. Why do I mention it at the risk of defaming my wonderful beautiful spouse? Because it is relevant, she has been waiting for six years to be able to pull out Max's tooth. No not the pediatric dentist but the business arts major lady. She likes to pick anything that is a blemish, be it a zit, ingrown hair, scab, mole (that hurts, repeatedly), wart, ingrown toe nail (she still hasn't forgiven me for letting the Podiatrist fix it for me instead of letting her yank on it), etc. So the chance to pluck out a little tooth was too much for her. As soon as she found out it was loose, poor Max was subject to much poking and prodding by mother. I finally had compassion on both of them and brought home some topical anesthetic for Max and a extraction forceps for Em. A quick twist and a yank and it popped out with no problem, thus fulfilling a lifelong fantasy for Em and great excitement for Max. It didn't even hurt him!

Hint/tip for you parents of tooth shedding children, if you decide to tell your kid about the tooth fairy make sure you don't forget to do your part! I forgot the first night. Oops. luckily I had told him "she" might not come the first night. He was very excited the next next morning to find the 500 Yen!

*Normal exfoliation time is 5-7 years old.


Linz said...

So cute! I am glad that the tooth fairy finally came! HAHA! Congrats to Em on another dream fulfilled!

The Jonas Family said...

I can't believe you, I mean Emily (that you let her), pull out your sons first tooth! Is she going to do that to all the kids and their teeth? Max didn't even mind? AT least that is good. I would have been scared at that age if you brought home a needle and forceps to take it out. At least the job is done. So, how old is Max?

ps- can't wait to hear your story about catching salmon. I heard from Em's blog.

acte gratuit said...

Doug, for someone who never lies, you sure lie a lot. Listen people, I have my standards! I do NOT like to touch warts. Gross. And I've only ever scratched a mole of Doug on accident. And I don't mess with scabs unless they are ready to fall off anyway. And really Doug, you should be THANKING me for getting your ingrown hairs out of your chin...and let's be honest here, some zits just need to be gotten out of their misery.

And THAT'S how it was with Max's tooth! He WANTED it out! He NEEDED it out! I was being a COMPASSIONATE mother, not a monster!!! And, OH YES I'm taking 'em all out. (But only when they're ready, of course!!!) ;) :)

(P.S. I inherited my warped-ness from my father who yanked out all my teeth with needle-nose pliers BEFORE they were ready to come out.)

crimendelsiglo said...

what's wrong with string . is string out this season. or apples / carrots.
the needle does sound like fun tho'

acte gratuit said...

No needle...just a little rub-on numbing stuff!