Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fun Birthday days!

First off, a thank you all who have wished me a Happy Birthday, especially the many on my wall on Facebook!

Emily did many a nice thing for my birthday, the least of which wasn't putting up with me saying "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" after each birthday demand. It all began with having the day off from work. Em let me sleep in a little. Then came the Eggs Benedict (Eggs-B: My 2nd favorite breakfast closely behind Eggs-a-la-Goldenrod, which subsequently became the dinner request). Then Boy #1 was sent off to school and the rest went on a trip to Oriase Gorge. This was an approximately 70 km drive through beautiful rice field country, which is turning a beautiful golden color. My main desire was to finally let my camera get out in the open. The only problem, other then taking the wrong fork in the road at one point, was getting to the wooded Gorge and Sam getting sacred of bears and wanting to go home. We found a good place to park 50 yards from a beautiful waterfall. We, mostly Em, distracted Sam from the fear of bears and the subsequent fear of snakes and the subsubsequent fears of his parents falling in the river/stream (Em did fall in with one leg later on=)). "Daddy! Down't Dat's Dane-gerr-ous!"It was a very pretty, yet short walk. I got to do some fun photography and see a little of the beautiful area we call home(ish).

Em continued to put up with some more birthday demands, I went and bought myself a Spiderman football at the BX (base to play catch with Max (Gabe has claimed complete ownership of the ball now), and had my favorite dinner. 31 is great!

But no!!!! My Birthday wasn't over yet!
We went out to eat with our friends the next night. Then on Saturday I went on a fun ride with my new friend Merrill and our collective 6 kids, yes all 6
! (See picture for how such a thing is possible) Then watching the BYU Utah St football game.

Sunday was the final day my Birthday was honored, strike that, considered as Em made dinner and my favorite America's Test Kitchen Carrot Cake!


Linz said...

Happy Birthday!!! I am glad you had fun! Wish (with all my heart!) that we could have been there!!

Sara Jensen said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Please post (or email) the recipe for the carrot cake.

Laura Spiker and I are throwing a 12 1/2 year reunion this weekend in FF. I'll hopefully update my blog and post some fun pictures. Nikki, Alisa, Sarah, and a bunch more people are coming. Should be fun!

Mrs. Dub said...

Nothing like eating a dozen eggs to celebrate your big day! I hope your arteries are healing nicely.

Happy B-day bro (in-law).

The Jonas Family said...

Happy belated birthday Doug! :)
So, Eggs ala goldenrod? I haven't had that in awhile! Yum!

Melissa Abby said...

Happy late birthday! That is the coolest waterfall ever! And so is that bike contraption :)