Monday, October 20, 2008

Boy #3

Gabe got his first big scrape(s) the other day. It was pretty sad. I heard him crying outside and went out to see what was wrong. Sam assured me that he (Sam) was not at fault. (yeah right) We brought him in and cleaned him up and he was fine in no time. The wounds though continued to get redder and redder and swollen. So now he looks like this (minus the few scabs that may or may not have been pulled off by one he previously trusted.) (The circled part is just from his messy eating habits)


The Jonas Family said...

Ouch! How old is he now?

Mrs. Dub said...

You don't have to pretend that he "fell." The Japanese are cool with a little tough love.

FOX said...

I think Sam is always getting a completely bum rap!!!!!

Who is this 'previously trusted' individual who picks scabs???? Sounds like something Brandon would totally do, if he weren't several countries away! (Although I never put it past his arm length!!! Those Call's have monkey arms!!!)

Anyway, even beaten, he totally looks angelic!!!

Brandoneous said...

Doug, do they have the equivalent of Child Protective Services on the base? If so, I'm skyping them!

Foot Handle Pete said...

That totally looks like Dr. Dub when he was little. In fact don't we have a family pic with a scab on your head. That little green jacket and plaid pants. Apples don't fall far.FHP

Bartimaeus said...

He is 18 months on Nov 1! Yeah Nursery time at Church!

Em is the mean scab picker!

Yes they do have Family advocacy! They have to have bruises in different stages of his new goose egg totally makes him a good candidate!