Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As we were baking the perfect vanilla bean crème brûlée, Em asked Sam, "Why are you so happy today?" Sam replied, "'Cause nobody's bothering me." His dad then asked, "Who bothers you?" He then points at Max then his dad and then his mom and upstairs at his sleeping brother!(Oct 2008)

He has bee exceptionally difficult this last week, screaming and crying at every little thing, even giving Em the worst bite mark I've ever seen! Then yesterday, he was back to the old smiley Sammers we all know and adore.
(May 2007)

I hope it lasts! I guess we need to just stop bothering him! =)

I was going to provide you with a little clip of his most recent tantrum where Em gets the gnarly bruise, but as I went to edit it is was much too sad to see him so upset. =(


The Jonas Family said...

Kids can be the worst at times, can't they! I love it when they are the sweet spirits we know and love.

Linz said...

He's too funny! Hope the smiles last!!

Foot Handle Pete said...

I think that kids are wonderful, when asleep, laughing, asleep, quietly reading, or asleep. It's a good thing that they are so cute and helpless when they arive, if the were anywhere in their teens when they showed up I think that I would just slam the door. FHP

LaLa said...

I want some vanilla bean creme brulee!

It must be the age! Keeks is in high-tantrum gear. I was hoping it would go away when she turned 4 but not so far. I guess we should just stop bothering her too. Oh, and give her everything she wants.

Good luck!

FOX said...

btw... I MAKE the best crème brûlée... SORRY for YOU!

I would be more than happy to post a more superior recipe to your own!

... and don't you dare think of knocking one of the few things I know how to actually cook, either!

Sheba said...

Mine are so cute and perfect when asleep. It's not easy being ripped out of your eastern us home and being replanted in a foreign country where people look different, speak different and eat different. Where your daddy sends you to an all Japanese preschool (or did you change that plan). Where you have three big bothers that pick on you and put your kleenex in your water and hide your bear and short sheet your perfectly made bed and lay on said bed and talk till 2 am and lick their fingers and stick them in your ear and put you in a sleeping bag and tie the end off and traumatize your bedroom. Oh, excuse me.... Sammers is just trying to adjust and be 4. It's totally normal. I guess. Who knows... just love him and lock him in his room after you tippy toe him there with no emotion in your voice.