Sunday, February 08, 2009

Em's Only Birthday Wish

I thought I would publicly announce that it is not easy being a Stay At Home Mother. (This is what she has been waiting to hear for 7 years and two months.) I tried it for the past week and a half and it turns out it is hard. I started out strong. I got the floor swept and mopped. Vacuumed the stairs and upstairs (down stairs had already been vacuumed after the poop terrorist attack). Had the kids on a good schedule, sent Max to school with a lunch everyday except the day they had whole wheat cheese pizza. Then I started running out of steam. Time slipped away more and more with out as much getting done. Motivation started to decline and my patience wained a bit. What I did learn, beyond it not being easy (However, Emily, I never did say it was, you just always think I think that!), is that it is very important and worth having my wonderful and beautiful wife staying with my kids. It takes a lot of self motivation and planning and it is easy to get into a depressed slump. They get gain so much from being with her. She is so filled with love for them and they get so much nurture therefrom. (I like that word)

Now I know many people are in many different circumstances and many people work for many different reasons (so no one get OFFENDED, OK!). Each day I walk past the Base's CDC, Child Development Center or daycare, 4 times. I often see the cute kids playing there after school or the workers taking the little babies/toddlers for walking in giant strollers or wagons and marvel at how sweet and cute the kiddies are. Then my heart sinks a bit when I see the parents drop them off early in the morning and pick them up late in the evening. I then am so thankful that we have been blessed to be able to have Em stay at home with our boys. She is the greatest SAHM ever and the best wife too!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I'll still hold out that it is harder being a working SAHD. =)
**These are our good freinds Merrill and Janeen!


mr. underhill said...

That picture is wicked awesome. I hope you wore your uniform and your corsage the next day at church just to show everyone that you went to the dance the day before.

acte gratuit said...

Awesome! Thanks Babe!

It really was music to my ears when you said that!!!

Linz said...

Awww, you look so cute in your little uniform!

Anyway, very nice things to say about your sweet wife. Em rocks!