Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sammy oh Sammy

I had a great blog planned:

It starts with how cute Sam was on Sunday. He wanted to wear some Khaki shorts and a vest with his blue shirt to church. We convinced him he would be too cold and for once he actually listened without a tantrum. Then at night he came to me with some clothes in hand asking if he could wear them as PJs. I assented without much investigation or thought. This is the result:

He looked so cute and silly. I hadn't realized he had a sweater vest in hand.

Then tonight M. was at piano and Sam had been good during dinner and helped me get the little boy into bed, so I took him down stairs to make JELLO pudding. IT was a fun activity together.

Then we ate it in the family room as a "picnic." A great evening with my boy!

BUT the post in my mind was a little ruined and turned out like this:

Sam wouldn't go to bed tonight and lost his "cuddle privilege" and fell a sleep SCREAMING/SHRIEKING while I held the door shut for 20 minutes! So I don't feel like blogging tonight.


Sweetest Of All said...

Been THERE!!

Bartimaeus said...

With brett?

Melissa Abby said...

Oh Sammy...he sure is cute though!