Sunday, February 01, 2009


Stop me if I've posted this before...
The base has a really cool sledding hill. I guess its really a ski hill, but then it would be a lame ski hill. So I'll call it a really cool sledding hill. Its so much fun. Good pitch to the hill, great length for a long fast slide down the hill. Amazingly the boys haven't complained about walking up the hill, as I had expected, even when the hill was iced over and we kept slipping on the way up. The first time we went there I was pleasantly surprised to find they have the hill lite up at night. Yesterday we had the whole hill to ourselves. Sam is so funny, after being sprayed in the face by the powder a few times, he figured out if he laid down and tucked his face in he'd be fine. He looks like a little black ball flying down the hill, with no idea of where he is going.And of course there was the HC.


The Jonas Family said...

I didn't know it snowed in Japan! Gotta love that HC!

Snow is fun for a while, but I am more of a warm weather girl!

mr. underhill said...

Sam's got a good smile going on there. Looks like you guys are having some fun while the wife just lays around the house all day. The nerve of some people.