Friday, February 02, 2007

Cat Got Your Tongue?

There are two types of people in this world...those who love dogs and those who don't.

I rarely watch the news, but last night I was watching it while performing a little dental hygiene. I 'm glad I did, watch the news as well as floss, because this following story came on (and I got the plaque out of there). It will either make you cringe and cry or lol:

They say every dog has its day, and one local pooch had one heck of a day. This is truly an amazing story and one that is playing out more often around the country because more and more people have paper shredders at home.
Riley is a 7-month-old mutt who got himself in a real jam this weekend.
Riley's owner Dorothy Itle says, "He was hovering over the shredder and I kept trying to push him away and he stuck his tongue out. I still shudder just thinking about it"
Dorothy rushed Riley to the animal ER in West Toledo. "I knew it had to be serious the way he yelped. All I could think of is that I have to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible."
Animal Emergency and Critical Care Dr. Kittsen McCumber says, "The shredder makes noise, the dog goes to check it out, he sniffs it and licks it, and his tongue starts feeding through the shredder."
Riley underwent a complex surgery. Amazingly Riley was eating and drinking just eight hours after surgery.

I have to admit that my response was a loud guffaw and continued laughter. I slightly apologize to any who may be offended, but it was funny.


acte gratuit said...

Every time I thought of this today I cringed and shuddered. Yikes! I don't even remotely love dogs, but I still wouldn't wish this on the mongrels...

mr. underhill said...

That made me cringe as well. I too loathe dogs but a shredder? The only shredder they should be messing with is the one from T.M.N.T. -- that guy needs to be stopped.

acte gratuit said...

Earl got your tongue?

Sheba said...

Thus we don't have a shredder or a Doug I mean Dog.