Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dat hav Cow Meok?

For years now people have been quoting (i.e. Mocking) my adorable now 5 year old asking if a food or drink has any dairy content. Well, Lisa and Beth (two of my sisters who like to mock him), he now need not ask that question.
Yesterday he had another allergy test (still pending some lab blood tests) (did I ever tell you that I used to be a phlebotomist for two weeks!) and is now only allergic to those nasty cats and nasty dusts. His allergy to cow milk and associated derivatives, beef, dogs, and beef dogs did not register on this test! It is very nice to know that our limited food products have become more liberated (not that he'll eating anything aside from corn dogs and dino nuggets!).
Naturally, being such kind parents that we are, we aren't going to tell him about the disappearance of the dog allergy, as we do not want to be bombarded by "Can we get a dog, pwease??" questions. Cruel? Maybe, but can you blame me? We might let him know he can have cow milk things, but we're still undecided.
P.S. He will be getting tubes placed in his ears for the third time on Monday.


Mrs. Dub said...

i hear you on keeping the dog part a secret. we actually plan to fake test results proving that miss dub has a pet allergy. we're just not ... well, we hate animals.

oh, and in belated news, your last post was insanely clever and well-written. are you listening to your wife's tapes?

mama bear said...

mmmm, beef dogs...
wait, what?!? that's disgusting!

marissa said...

I'll miss the cute little voice asking anytime food was involved if it had cow's milk in it.

Also, bringing his own rice-cream to birthday parties was another cute, classic Max.

I'm glad he can have it now though. Dairy is one of the best food groups.

Sheba said...

Animal haters - I'm calling PETA. Now go buy the boy a real double decker Dreyer's &/or Eddy's ice cream cone - You lying dogs.