Monday, February 05, 2007

Finally SNOW...well a little at least

Friday morning, while Em was out getting her glucose tested, I got to stay home with the boys for a couple of hours! Luckily when we woke up it had snowed and was snowing!! So, with great excitement we got bundled up and went out and put Max's sled to work. (He's only had limited time to use it since Santa dropped it off).

And of course we finished it all off with a little H.C.


acte gratuit said...

BOY our boys are cute!!! I'm so glad it was you out there and not me! BRRR!

acte gratuit said...

P.S. What did people do before computers and digital cameras???

Sheba said...

Not all of us choose to drink the H.C. outside! Only you, Bug! Is Max still in costume from Halloween or did he get a Boo-Boo?