Monday, February 26, 2007

From the Mouth of the Max (i.e. Maxisms)

Here are few funny things Max has said recently:

I brought him home teaching with me the other day. My companion is originally from the Philippines and has an accent. While he was teaching our family Max looks at me:

Max: "What language is he speaking?"
Dad: "English."
Max: "Do you speak English?"
Dad: "Yes, and so do you."

Later, I was teaching him how to say You are beautiful in German. (Du bist schoen)

Max: Does mommy know how to say that?
Dad: I'm not sure, I think I've taught her that. I sure think she's beautiful don't you?
Max: Yeah she is, but her tummy is getting too big.

He was sitting on the toilet the other day:

Max (in a strained voice): My [boy part] hurts!
Dad: Why?
Max (still in a strained voice): I don't know.
Max (no longer strained): It's teeny tiny.

Today after church:

Max: Dad these are the things we can play: pirates, marbles, games...
Mom (interrupting): And give mom a kiss!
Max: No mom! I'm spending time with Daddy right now!!


acte gratuit said...

Sheesh! You didn't tell me the "teeny tiny" comment! I'm not so sure he'll appreciate you recording that one!!!

mr. underhill said...

Good thinking on your part to wrap in in bubble wrap. Now when you roll him down the stairs he wont reingure that arm. You're a smart man.

"Yes, and so do you." That is a classic line.

Lindsay Dunn said...

LOL! He has to be the cutest thing in the world! Nice bubble wrap!

Sheba said...

Did he step on the Foreman Grill too?

m. bee. said...

i think you spelled schon wrong dear onkle. (thats how uncle is spelled in german. because you obviously can't spell anymore.) ha. at least thats how i spell it.
i love the quotes. i'd kiss emily tho. way better than pirates.