Monday, December 03, 2007

New Teeth, Trauma, Malocclusions, and Defects

Gabriel now has his first two teeth! And he is within the normal range of 5-8 months! It now hurts when he bites my finger. His next ones will/should be the top ones at 6-10 months.

Sam had the family's first dental trauma when he walked into a door knob, chipping his tooth (uncomplicated crown fracture). (Notice the chocolate on Sam's lips.=)

His open bite has closed and he is now left with an overbite (overjet to be precise).

And not to be left out, Max has some unexplainable (so far) enamel defect on tooth #D.


acte gratuit said...

Gross honey.
Next time wash Sam's face and brush Max's teeth first!

Mrs. Dub said...

Wow! I thought the bathtub pics were the worst a parent could bring out on a first date, but your kids will now have these to fear. Frightening!

mama bear said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
My kids have both chipped their front teeth, Mollie's is by far the worst.

Foot Handle Pete said...

nice photography, might want to bring a brush home from work. just don't look to close at Nick's teeth.

Emily said...

Max needs to stand closer to his toothbrush! Nice work Doc!

Anonymous said...

I found these images while searching about dental enamel defects. Since you children appear to be having some issues with it you might want to look into Celiac disease if you havent already. Just thought it might be useful information!
Best to you.

Dennis said...

Hi, I heard about tooth trauma and my son, Lucio also had it. He was 8 then when he fell short from his skateboard. He had damaged his front tooth and upon seeing some blood, my son didn't stop crying. Germantown TN dentists helped him out. It was really a traumatic experience to my son. But still, thanks to tyhe doctors who immediately responded. My son gained hi confidence again by having some crowns. Moreover, he sees the dentist as his skateboard ally.