Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

People have asked me many times why I want to do pediatric dentistry, especially my Dad and brother who are general dentists. In fact just the other day I called my dad and his assistant answered and as she was about to take my message Dad says: Tell him I'm busy doing real dentistry! And when he answers the phone when I call he says: Hello Baby Dentist!

Well, yesterday the cutest thing happened to me and it illustrates why I love Pediatric Dentistry. My patient was a 2 year old little girl coming for her first visit. She started crying right as her mom picked her up to sit in the dental chair. I did a "lap to lap" exam, which means I sat facing mom who held her on her lap with kid's head on my lap. Mom holds the hands and I support the head. Anyway, she cried while I I cleaned and examined her teeth and
I sang Christmas carols, then put on a sticky Fluoride varnish. She then goes back to mom and stops crying and is fine. Appointment over. On the way out the little girl stops and looks up at me and puckers her lips up at me to give me a kiss. I leaned down and gave her a hug and she kissed me with her sticky fluoride lips! It totally melted my heart and made my day. It was so nice.

This is ONE of the examples of why I love to work with kids.


Shelly said...

Aww- Dougy, that's so cute!!

Jenni said...

Mike went into EM/Peds because he likes working with kids too. He does really well with them as well.

He also likes the fast pace and new procedures/adventures that await him in the ER. (Although it may not seem fast pace to the patient waiting hours, but they do try to see as many patients as they can in their shift.) That is why he is going to work primarily in the ER, but some have a special area for kids, even a separate hospital.

Mike recently took a job in Scottsdale, AZ and we are happy to move there at the end of June 2008.