Friday, December 14, 2007

Photo Book

For the last two years Em and I have been dying to do a photo book of our 4 years in San Francisco. A few times I have started making a folder of photos we wanted to include, but never ended up doing it. Then recently while ordering some photo prints from Costco I saw that they had a photo book publisher. So I got recharged in my determination to make the book. Their software was very easy to use, but then I compared theirs to Snapfish and forced myself away from the easier program to Snapfish's due to a significant difference in price (Snapfish has a coupon code for 50% off! photobooknow I think). It was still pretty easy once I resigned myself to using the templates they provide.
(This is kinda what it looks like.)

So I finally finished the photo book today and it is being printed right now! I am so excited to get it. We loved SF so much and miss living their. We turned on our "Christmas By The Bay" Christmas song today and we again, like last year, teared up while we danced to it. We have so many good memories of living their and are excited to have it in a printed photo book. I'm already getting my ideas ready for our New England book!!

*The cover is an amalgam of our restaurant business card collection.
**I recommend using Costco if the coupon isn't available.
***We had Blurb before our computer crashed. I think I'll try it for the next one and see how it goes.

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Shelly said...

Pshh.. I'm obviously the thing you miss most about San Francisco because of my looks, charm, and modesty.