Sunday, February 14, 2010


We all know that Emily is the better blogger so I just say that Hua Hin is beautiful, or at least the Anantara Resort in Hua Hin is beautiful. We spent the whole day either in the pool or in the ocean! It was fabulous, except that now we are feeling sun drained.
This is the private pool for the lagoon room residents like ourselves. It is right next to a beautiful lagoon.
This place is very luxurious. They brought out cold hand towel to the poolside to refresh yourself. And they came in while we were at dinner and turned down our bed leaving little palm leaves with a happy valentine note on them. Plus there is a pillow menu! You call and tell them which of the eight types of pillows you want. I chose the orthopedic comfort pillow. Good Night

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Chinese New Year


Queen Empress said...

Doug, Cory wanted to say "Thanks for getting me in trouble by posting these pictures and getting your wife her personal Lagoon Doug"

Lyana said...

That is paradise... Я страшенно вам заздрю!

Bartimaeus said...

your welcome!