Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Site 2

This was our second day of work. It went a lot like yesterday. We had a lot more kids though. So I only treated the kids, which was great. We had a lot more Burmese people as well. This added an even greater level of difficulty. So I struggle to speak to my interpreter who interpreted to the Burmese interpreter who then sometimes would communicate to the child. Ahhh! Very frustrating. The kids today we also much more scared and I had to hold them down a lot especially with the lack of communication.

This site was about another 20 minutes north of yesterday's school at the top of the lake/reserviour by the hotel. As we got up there we started seeing lots of huts/houses out on the lake. It looked so cool. I tried snapping photos from the moving van with out too much luck and then the school at which we worked was right on the lake with lots of these houses.
After our convoy returned to the hotel we went back out and drove to the top of the Dam near the hotel. I guess this resort is run by the energy dept of Thailand and the Dam is a hydroelectric dam. When we got to the top of the dam we found out that there is a herd of monkeys living up there. They were really cool. I've always wanted to see wild monkeys and havn't been able to see the ones up in Northern Japan yet.We ended the evenings adventures in another little town searching for fresh fruit and an ATM. I loaded up on another pineapple, more sapadilla, mangos, fresh whole coconut and mini bananas. Our interpreters introduced us to a yummy treat from one of the street carts (careful of these). It was like a cross between a lumpia wraper and a crepe' they cooked on a hot plate and then added in a mixture of egg, banana, and sweetened condensed milk. It was splendid! (We also had some fried banana at the work site.) Then we ended the night as the sun went down with another view of the river Kwai.

It has been so much fun helping these poor people (especially lots of little kids) and then being able to go and see their country and experience their culture. I LOVE the silhouette of these mountains!

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Just don't get bitten by a monkey! I don't want you bringing home a monkey disease!