Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

I am really tired today so just a little blog with some pics. We drove to our new city today and it was HOT and the van had very little if any poor AC and the sun was beating down on my side of the van. We left Vachiralongkorn Resort, where we have been staying, and drove to Ratchaburi. This is an actual hotel in an actual, albeit small, city. It is a stark contrast seeing some actual city life after living in such a rural area the last 5 days. On the way we stopped in Kanchanaburi to see the bridge over the River Kwai. Again this is part of the death railway that claimed over 90,000 asians and 15,000 POWs in WWII to supply the Japanese with weapons from Burma-Thailand.

This is the Bridge: the curved spans are original, the middle ones the Japanese replaced after the war. We bombed the bridge. Nice shooting, Air Force!!!This is one of the trains they used:
And some of my new friends!
I got to pet and hold a little baby cat! Only 50 Bot!! (about $1.50)
He nibbled on my hand a bit. Here he is licking me and it hurt like really coarse sand paper over and over again on my hand.

Now I'm going to bed.
If you want to check out where the two sites were that we went to, type in these coordinates to google maps:
Site 1: N 14 56.075 E 98 39.891
Site 2: N 15 02.235 E 98 34.602


Fae and john said...

isn't that the place of gem stones like ruby and saphire and garnet or beryl ?

Sheba said...

Who my! We loved these pics. Not every day you get to hold a jaguar drinking a bottle! Cool, Buggie.