Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Birthday

We teach the cutest group of 5 year old girls at church. There are 9 of them that come (one boy hasn't come yet). One of them had her birthday last Sunday. We sang happy birthday to her and then some one mentioned doing it in Japanese, but we didn't know how. Then the Birthday Girl said she knew how. She goes to a Japanese school so I don't doubt her. So she starts singing:

Haappee Birfdayyy Tooo Yhouu...

really slowly and carefully. I join in singing it normally. She then tell me, "No Like this!" and proceed as previously demonstrated. I then realize she is singing it just like her Japanese Mamma-sans try to sing it at her school, in English but with a Japanese accent. It was hilarious! But unfortunately I was the only adult present to witness it.


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Linz said...

=D That is so funny!