Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Fort

The other day we got another 12 inches or so of snow so I set out to build my children a giant igloo for us to sleep in. It was tough work. Unfortunately, it got too late and too cold for packing good snow and the roof never made it on top. But they were left with a giant snow fort which has become the cool place to hang out for the neighbors. They went out again yesterday in yet another storm to play on it. That's Max on top of it. Next time it dumps I'm determined to make a complete one.


Linz said...


Renel said...

very cool/cold!

Target has a plastic form to build snow blocks -
No Target close by.
You guys seem to make your own good fun!

lexi said...

That looks very cool. Are you really going to sleep in it? Crazy.

marissa said...

You were going to sleep in it? Way to be a fun dad.