Saturday, January 03, 2009

Photo Contest

I'll announce a winner to the First Annual 100 Yen Sushi Photo Contest tomorrow. And yes all sushi is raw, well most, and now it doesn't mail well. So you can either come here and eat it or I can send you a $5 In 'n' Out coupon. I know Nate you don't live by one and yes Kim you have a plethora of them, but I live even further away from them!* Or I can send you some chopsticks!?

*For some reason Em's Dad sent us a bunch of them.

1 comment:

mama bear said...

Alas, we have been cut off. Cut off from the coupons as well as the yummy food itself. However, in just 6 short months we will be able to partake again! (please pray that Brett can find a job in CA)