Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tomorrow comes too quickly

Is it tomorrow already? Without too much further ado...The winner belongs to the following caption:

"Are you really going to let me eat this?"
-by Nate
And I can't believe I let him eat it!

This is exactly what his eyes were saying to me. He seems to pack every square milimeter with as much candy as possible. This is in contrast to Boy #2 who seems to have a touch of his mother's OCD and places his candy just so and looks all tidy.

I feel hesitant to award him anything, but I think that is just because he is always correcting my spelling even though it has been 2.5 years since we were at school together.

So Nate, congrats! Do you want a piece of stinky sushi, come get fresh sushi or some chopsticks?


Emily said...

Nathan would like some chopsticks says his lovely wife, the ruler of his universe.

Bartimaeus said...

Yes Ma'am!